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The Queen Rising Podcast

Feb 24, 2021

2020 was a year of dismantling old foundations that were outdated and not working. We saw this in our government, our education system and how we conduct business.

What can we expect in 2021?

Learn how you can create abundance in 2021, month by month projections based on your natal chart

Are you wondering the work you are here to do? Wondering what is your purpose and higher calling? In Magnetic Money Code, we break down the most important placements in your astrological birth chart and the best and easiest ways for you to make money

Join our new community on Mighty Networks. It was important for me to move away from big social media platforms and create community in a neutral and non-triggering place. In the Enchanted Empress Society, we focus on building relationships, building each other up and looking within at our own shadows to step more fully into who we are becoming.